The city of Bursa boasts natural riches and the testimony of history, and has hosted many civilizations. The Berussa Hotel is the brand-new face of Bursa a green and industrial city and tourism. The Berussa Hotel is architectually modern in design and it’s brand new structure is of the highest quality. Non-alcoholic drinks are part of the hotel’s concept. The Beussa Hotel proudly welcomes you into our family hotel. The hotel was built on the satisfaction of our guests. We are a 4 star hotel with 70 standard rooms and one double suite. Our rooms have views of Uludağ mountain and our garden and hall can accomodate celebrations and meetings.



Tabiat varlıkları, tarihe tanıklığı ve birçok medeniyete ev sahipliği yapmış geçmişi ile sanayi ve turizm kenti Yeşil Bursa’nın yeni yüzü The Berrussa Hotel yepyeni modern mimari ve kalitesiyle dizayn edilmiş yapısı ve alkolsüz hotel konseptiyle sizleri aile sıcaklığı içinde gururla karşılıyor.

The Berussa Hotel is 20 km from Uludağ, 23 km from Mudanya and Güzelyalı and 50 km from Yenisehir airport. We are waiting to share with you our quality service.